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Dealer InLine
Marketing Consultant
Automotive Digital Media Consulting - August 2014 to present
  • In-house consultation and management of online marketing strategies for automotive dealerships.
  • Management of social media networks for car dealerships and automotive dealer groups - Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp and other reputation management sites, etc.
  • Content aggregation, layout, and promotion of car dealerships through e-alerts and newsletters with the use of IMakeNews and related tools.
  • Content creation, aggregation, layout, and promotion of information for SEO related purposes on car dealer websites through use of HTML, CSS, and other web tools.
  • Consultation, management, and roll-out involved with SEO and branding of car dealerships.

In addition to the tasks outlined above, a rolling knowledge and understanding of all new technologies and strategies in the automotive industry is maintained to ensure the highest level of service for online development and marketing management.

Dealerships I've worked with as a Dealer InLine Marketing Consultant:

  • Parkway Honda
  • Ken Shaw Lexus Toyota Scion
  • Mississauga's Erin Mills Auto Centre
  • Milton Toyota Scion, Milton Hyundai, & Gorrud's Auto
  • ToyotaTown London, Lexus of London
  • Richmond Hill Honda
  • Mississauga Volkswagen


Automobile Protection Association
Automotive Counsellor
Non-Profit Membership-Based Consumer Group - May 2009 to present
  • Counselling of members and consumers with situations involving the purchase, sale, and maintenance of a new or used vehicle.
  • Promotion and marketing of the sale of memberships and the free access information available and offered through use of social media (Twitter and Facebook) and newsletters (MailChimp).
  • Assistance to community production of The Lemon-Aid Car Show and promotion of it through social media and newsletters.
  • Layout and editing of various automotive articles, news, and items for use on an ASP website or in an HTML based newsletter through use of HTML and CSS.
  • Minor copywriting and copy editing for various automotive articles, news, and items.
  • Upkeep of a comprehensive new vehicle pricing database through use of an ASP website database.
  • Contact point for IT related purposes within the organisation; led roll-out and training of two major organisation-wide database and website projects.

In addition to the major tasks outlined above, general day to day activities included constant verbal and written interaction with consumers, suppliers, & vendors, and analysis of daily, monthly, & yearly accounting figures and subscription referrals.




Ryerson University

BCom. 2014
Major: Business Technology Management
Minor: Marketing




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